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Written by Dom Daley   
Saturday, 17 October 2009 23:18

1roxie77What you have on offer here folks is exactly what it says on the tin; one album with two sides. Basically, a bunch of songs recorded electric then done acoustically - simple as that. Sadly, it's download only I'm afraid, but the good thing is it's for a good cause - a portion of the money goes to the Mike Peters charity to fight cancer called Love, Hope And Strength which, I'm sure you all agree, is an awesome gesture by Ryan Roxie.


Here's how it works; you make a minimum donation then get the entire album downloaded (under a fiver I think for 24 tracks!). There is the option of getting the thing for free as well which seems a bit mad but hey, don't knock it. After you read my review pop over to the official Roxie 77 website and take a look and listen - sort of a try before you buy. 


Anyone reading who isn't familiar with Ryan Roxie? I'll just say he played geetar with Alice Cooper for a while and has also released some solo material as well as the underground classic Dad's Porno Mag album way back when (you try finding a copy). Roxie 77 peddle what is simply catchy rock songs that are well written and recorded in a very slick pop friendly sort of way. Saying it is pop would be an injustice as Roxie 77  have some great riffs and melodies, proof being the guitar work and melody on 'The Question' - massive spikey riff and catchy vocals; great stuff indeed.


Radio friendly pop rock certainly in some places, but it's damn happy rock n roll and comes across like it's being played with a huge grin on the chops of the players and they're damn sure gonna play their socks off on what amounts to 24 tracks, but obviously half are the same songs played very differently - some as piano ballads, others acoustic guitar, drums and bass, and other assorted acoustic ensembles. They all work, be it rocked up electric or not. 'Gimme Some Groove' is a fantastic song - all horns and a neat guitar lick wrapped around a catchy melody that definitely gives the listener some groove. 'Stay In California'  sounds like it was written on Muscle Beach; close your eyes and you can almost hear all the beautiful people playing frizbee on the sand. 


I know some will be familiar with Roxie 77 but, if you're not and like artists like Butch Walker, then check this out - you won't be disappointed. Roxie 77 have 3 minute catchy guitar driven rock tunes positively oozing out of every pore in their rock n roll bodies...even your girlfriend will love 'em. Now how about some UK tour dates?