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Written by Darrel Sutton   
Friday, 23 October 2009 12:21

saviours_accelerated_livingMore 80's than a pair of Hi-Tec bumper boots, Saviours show plenty of intent but sadly come up short with 'Acclerated Living'. If this album had come out in 1984 I'm sure Kerrang would have hailed them as the next big thing but twenty five years is a long time and many albums of that era sound pretty dated today, as does this.


Whilst most people will be able to spot hints of 80's pioneers like Metallica, Mama's Boys and Accept in the mix, ultimately there really is a lack of any memorable songs ('Slave To The Hex' being an exception, and a real cracker) and any real quality. It's a bit like listening to a Raven (remember them!) album. You knew they could play, but they couldn't pen a memorable tune for shit. 


Whilst bands like High On Fire and Alabama Thunderpussy have taken a similar genre of music and given it an almighty kick into the 21st Century, Saviours seem to have given it a gentle toe-poke and subsequently come up short. Not a bad album per se - songs like 'We Roam' and 'Living In The Void' show promise - but you ultimately find yourself hitting the skip button to see if there's something better following. 


Hopefully Saviours can kick on and make an album that would do their obvious influences proud but, until then, there are far better to warrant your hard-earned wonga.