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Written by Dave Prince   
Friday, 07 October 2011 05:00

Fergie_FrederiksenThe legend that is Fergie Frederkisen is set to soar to higher highs than ever before with the release of 'Happiness is the Road' this October. The man has been through so much recently and you can't help but this that that many others would have crumbled under such pressures, Fergie though has gained strength from his recent health problems, and the result is this magnificent album!


Opening with 'Angel (Mirror to Your Soul)' and 'Elaine' Fergie has written some of the best music he has ever produced. Seriously even his work with Toto is surpassed by this dazzling one two of AOR perfection. The uplifting feel to 'Angel' is particularly heart warming especially when you understand everything the man has been through to get his life back on track.


'First To Cry' has me parping my air keyboards to the max, which when also mixed up with equal measures of air guitar is quite possibly the funniest thing you people will never see me do... unless there is plenty of alcohol involved. First ballad of the album 'Follow Your Heart' is hugely reminiscent of Journey to these ears with Fergie sounding uncannily like a certain Steve Perry but this is still stunning nonetheless.


The title track is up next, and this is a co-write with Jim Peterik so whilst the obvious Survivor influences are present, Fergie takes the song up another level to give us all something very special indeed. I mean given that Fergie was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer back in June 2010, we are honoured to have this album at all, so moments like this are all special I guess. With the writing and recording of what became this very album giving Fergie the strength and confidence to overcome such a life threatening illness I for one can't get enough of the dozen tracks contained here. Fast-forward a year and Fergie has two amazing things to be proud of... the first being the release of this album and secondly the positive results of his cancer and that he has for now defeated...Something that he celebrates with the likes of the touching 'The Future Ain't What It Used To Be'


To be fair this album is one of the best sounding and written albums I have heard in a long time - the only exception possibly being Serpentine's sophomore effort... apart from that this is an album ever fan of melodic rock needs to buy, that is if they have AOR in their still beating heart.