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Written by Mark Ashby   
Saturday, 13 October 2012 04:30

Radio_AlcatrazThe problem with every musical genre is that, over time, it inevitably becomes diluted, distracted away from its original mien and intention, primarily through the need for commercial success by those who, with the best intentions, seek to drive things forward to the next problem.


Thus lays the problem with this debut album from Londoners Radio Alcatraz. While the album, and its presenters, seek to evoke and simultaneously evolve the hardcore sound of the likes of Refused and the punk animosity of Anti-Flag and At The Drive In (whom this offering most closely echoes), it's problem is that it is too squeaky clean in its delivery.


Take 'Ink Poisining', for example: after two very forgettable opening tracks, it starts off with a hard-edged angriness, but quickly descends into the sort of shout-along pop punk chorus that have made so-called 'metalcore' outfits such as All Time Low the passing fad darlings of what laughingly passes for rock music television these days.


On the positive side, there are some really good songs with tremendously catchy hooks and melodies - the wonderfully titled 'Corpus Capitaneus Learning Curve' easily stands heads and shoulders above anything LostProphets produced on the highly disappointing 'Weapons' album, and 'Switches And Triggers' would easily give Biffy Clyro a run for their over-inflated money - and the result is extremely listenably (with the emphasis, perhaps unfortunately, on the word 'extreme').


Oh, and 'Doomed 1940s Airman, This Is 21st Century Air Traffic Control' easily is one of the best song titles I've come across in a while - but, sorry boys, this is medio-core rather than hardcore...!/radioalcatrazmusic


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