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Written by Mark Ashby   
Tuesday, 23 October 2012 04:15

VolksmetaL_CoverI've heard some pretty ridiculous heavy metal albums in my time, and more than my fair share of utter shite ones - and this truly awful release has to rate way up near the top of my personal '100 Pieces Of Crap that Should Never Have Seen The Light Of Day' chart.


Only the Germans would think of cross-pollinating good old fashioned party metal with their traditional oompah music: yes: there's fecking accordions and tuba and the proverbial kitchen sink in here. Inevitably, all the songs seem to be about drinking and wenching - but Tankard have been doing this sort of thing so much better for decades now... and at least they have their tongues very firmly rammed in their cheeks, whereas these particular Bavarians unfortunately seem to be deadly serious - with suitably deadly results.


Honestly, I've listened to this album a couple of times now (including once while sucking the dregs from a massive keg of finest German lager in a vain attempt to recreate the Munich Oktoberfest, to see if getting into that sort of mood made any difference - it didn't) in an attempt to find a single redeeming factor. I found one: it made me laugh just as much as it sent me reaching for the handily placed vomit bucket.




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