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Written by Ian Bell   
Friday, 26 October 2012 04:30

cycloalbumcoverCyclophonia's 'Impact Is Imminent' has been a long time coming as the opening chapter of their history begins back in 1997 as a covers band with the likes of Helloween, Blind Guardian and Riot getting the Cyclophonia treatment, and on hearing this album these artists are clearly strong influences still.


The delay in releasing this debut album can in part be explained by a hiatus between 2003 and 2008 and a rotation in band members before being in a position to bring 'Impact Is Imminent' to the masses.


Having two vocalists isn't new but does give a little extra in dynamic and contrast although sometimes unnecessary as Andreas Angell and Kai Joar Kristensen appear to have very similar vocal ranges approaching the high end. The power metal and traditional metal sound has always attracted a greater following in mainland Europe as opposed to the UK, with the exception of Maiden and in recent times Dragonforce, partly I suspect due to the image and the subject matters of songs not fitting in with the British mainstream psyche of a fascination with fashion over quality or substance.


This though is an album full of Maiden-esque chugging guitars, double bass workouts, over the top and high end quality vocal performances, melodies being drop kicked with ease, and fretboard soloing at a hundred miles an hour - all of course the basic requirements of power metal. The pace is relentless with some of the songs becoming a little too much the same but this never did Maiden or AC/DC any harm, and as you listen more to the album this feeling does diminish slightly.


This is a solid release for a debut and worth a stab if you are partial to some fast, melodic, foot on the monitor chugging with a sprinkling of prog with your metal.


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