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Written by Craggy   
Saturday, 05 October 2013 03:40

chasetheacecoverAfter years of singing in Hebrew as the band Koex, Israeli rockers Chase the Ace have turned to chasing global fame with their first English language release, and a debut album under their new name. This debut pumps out a pretty straight forward rock sound, with some good riffs and fierce guitar work. The sound is powerful, mid paced and strutting, apparently ‘dedicated to keeping rock music alive’.


The record sleeve and song titles such as ‘Cat on the Loose’, ‘Rock Bottom Rock ‘n’ Roll’, and ‘Morning Wood’ should give you some idea of what this is going to sound like before you even press that play button. And whatever your feelings about that you won’t be proved wrong.


The opener ‘Are You Ready’ is a strong, steady opener, with rousing chorus and sharp guitar hooks with ‘Cat on the Loose’ following it with more of the same before ‘Rock Bottom Rock ‘n’ Roll’ refreshingly picks up the pace with a boogie sound somewhat reminiscent of LA rockers, Junkyard. The song title, ‘California’, delivers the biggest hint of where the sound lies - this is ’80s rock re-done (again) with some modern production and an extra splash of the odd Velvet Revolver riff keeping it somewhat up-to-date.


Chase the Ace aren’t providing anything new, not even a second time around as we live out the ironic ’80s revival, but the album maintains a high and heavy pace throughout, only breaking for the odd, average ballad such as ‘Change my Ways’ or the Zeppelin-esque instrumental, ‘Morning Wood’. The power and energy on the record give it some weight, and the layered choruses add to the conviction.  


If you want to keep the nostalgia party burning you’ll no doubt enjoy this, and as they say themselves ‘just give me one more drink/that’s all I’m about’, or something like that.


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