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Written by Mark Ashby   
Thursday, 17 October 2013 03:40

Fates Warning - Darkness In A Different Light ArtworkTheir first album of new material since ‘FWX’ in 2004, ‘Darkness…’ is also the first to feature the new Fates Warning line up, with former Riot/Sebastian Bach/Halford drummer Bobby Jarzombek, who took over the stool for touring duties back in 2007, joining band founder Jim Matheos, long-serving vocalist Ray Alder, second guitarist Frank Aresti and bassist Joey Vera for this, Fates Warning’s 11th studio outing in all.


With Queensrӱche, for one, doing their damnedest to split fans right down the middle with their ongoing public squabbling and imminent legal wranglings, together with two albums of very different quality and merit, ‘Darkness…’ once again demonstrates, if such demonstration were in fact needed, that Fates Warning are well placed to capitalise on the situation by proving once again that they are more than capable of producing some of the most consistent, honest, captivating progressive metal around.


This is a beautiful album, by turns soaring and majestic, such as on the sweeping opening track ‘One Thousand Flies’ or the inspiring ‘I Am’, at others morose and haunting, as with the brief ‘Falling’ and the languid ‘Lighthouse’, but always superbly played, serving up a menu worthy of several Michelin stars with its appetising melodies, succulent riffs and lip-smacking arrangements, which tease and tantalize before ultimately satisfying even the most ravenous hunger for music which satiates both the mind and the soul.


Aside from the perfect arrangements and superb performances from the four instrumentalists – each of whom gets well-placed and well-paced individual workouts within the overall context of the opus – Alder’s vocals are passionate and heartfelt, wringing each and every ounce of emotion from the songs.


If you haven’t encountered Fates Warning’s particularly impressive brand of progressive metal before, then I heartily recommend you pull up that spare chair over there, peruse the menu and join the rest of is for a feast fit for kings…





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