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Written by Mark Ashby   
Tuesday, 29 October 2013 03:40

Kataklysm - Waiting For The End To Come ArtworkThis 11th studio album from self-described “northern hyperblasters” – coming three years after their last offering, ‘Heaven’s Venom’ and the first to feature Belphegor/Ex Deo/Keep Of Kalessin drummer Oli Beaudoin (who replaced in-out Max Duhamel earlier this year) – is another quality piece of fast ‘n’ furious death metal from the Canadian combo.


What is immediately obvious is that Beaudoin has more than ably stepped into the role of providing the band’s backbone:  the solidness, speed and technicality of the drumming has always  been the cornerstone of Kataklysm’s sound, but it is no surprise, given his pedigree, that the sticksman is the ideal choice for ensuring that not only is the ferocity of the quartet's percussive attack preserved but, if anything, is given even more of an aggressive attitude.


In keeping with its title ‘Waiting For The End To Come’ is 11 tracks of apocalyptic DM, with the emphasis very much on speed, power and intensity: this is not to say that there aren’t melodies in there – there most definitely are, and they are equally intense, complementing the bruising blastbeats and rough house riffs, as well as Maurizio Iacono’s titanic vocals, in an almost perfect balance of density and passion.


Standout tracks include the angry ‘Like Animals’, the complex ‘Dead & Buried’, the punishing ‘Real Blood – Real Scars’ and the crunching ‘The Promise’.


All that’s left to say is that I’m waiting for the tour to come…




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