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Written by Döm Daley   
Thursday, 11 November 2010 06:00

weezer1A whopping 35 tracks of prime Weezer on this deluxe reissue of the classic 'Pinkerton'.  Disc One features an additional 10 tracks while Disc 2 features 16 bonus tracks including live recordings made at the Y100 Sonic Sessions and tracks recorded at the Reading Festival in 1996. To say this is comprehensive would be an understatement and, for the first time, the B-sides are present as well.


There might be a lot of repetitiveness as several tracks appear in original album form, remastered form, demo form, acoustic form and live acoustic form but, hey, I guess this album is there to appeal to the 'already a Weezer fan' brigade, and to hear Rivers and the boys perform such classics as 'el Scorchio' in a myriad of forms isn't at all as painful as you might think. Maybe  five versions of 'Pink Triangle' might just be pushing the envelope of what's acceptable on these here remastered deluxe albums but fuck it, Weezer have always done things alone and on nobody else's terms but theirs which is also part of the charm and why they have such a loyal fanbase. 'Pinkerton' seems like it was only released a few years ago but it did come out in 1996 and, in fairness to Weezer, they have always had a fairly high standard and seldom do they ever disappoint.


Being released on the same day as 'Death To False Metal', it's a bonanza day for Weezer fans even though there isn't really anything new on this release - it's something that will be a must-buy if only to have all the B-sides and high quality live stuff together on one release. Rivers has been clearing out his cupboards at home recently and some more of this quality would be just about fine and dandy. 'Tired Of Sex'? Never! Always better than the Pixies in my book but never really given the credit for managing to deliver such a catalogue of quality material.

'Death To False Metal' is a collection of long-lost material that Cuomo Rivers said is full of great songs, ones that never quite made the cut when it came to the Weezer albums between the 90's and the 00's. It's all pretty much very Weezer, if you know what I mean? Very catchy with some banging riffs and melodies with some mighty fine lyrics.


'Turn Up The Radio', quickly followed by 'I Don't Want Your Love', left me wondering how on earth songs this strong could have been omitted from the album period they came from. I'd hate to see what else Rivers has left behind on the cutting room floor. That said 'Auto Pilot' has that weird Cher vocoder on it and a natty synth driving the song with a very melancholy melody that could and should have been out in the late 70's pop charts - all very weird but still totally Weezer. 'Losing My Mind' starts off all very soulfully and you keep waiting for the big crash in but it never comes and the song builds gently into a string-laden finale, all very nice indeed. To contrast 'Losing My Mind' you have the rock heavy 'Everyone' with a sumptuous riff and pounding beat, distorted bass and repeat ad nauseam, can I get a 'Hell Yeah!', but before you can strap on your bullet belt we're off on a pop jig in the opposite direction with 'I'm A Robot' which might be the ying to the previous song's yang.


Before I finish my review I must mention that you also have a big ballad. You know the ones, in the video some hot chick frolics in very little or a flimsy negligee in the pouring rain until you realise the song is a cover of the Toni Braxton kind. Now is it a twisted piss take or does Rivers genuinely love the track and was it recorded as some sort of homage to all things Braxton? Personally I think it's the latter from the twisted mind of Cuomo. This is done 100% seriously as a tribute to his favourite R&B artist and the scream and 'Say That You Love Me' backing vocals on the outro prove it - I just can't help thinking Anchorman and the classic Ron Burgundy version of 'Afternoon Delight'. 


If you're any kind of Weezer fan you'll be all over this like a cheap suit. A fine addition to the Weezer collection.


Cheers Weezer, you rock!