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Written by Nev Brooks   
Monday, 15 November 2010 06:00

tyg_live_everybody-knowsDo you know, the minute I dropped this LP into the player it didn't half stir some memories, all the way back to 1993 when I actually saw The Young Gods live at the very short lived Phoenix Festival held in Long Marsden (home of the yearly biker festival, different story) - they played just behind Sonic Youth in what was a really eclectic mix of music from Jamiroquai, through The Black Crowes (whose PA caught fire), Faith No More (with the most ridiculous intro I've ever seen), Helmet, The Offspring, House Of Pain, Living Colour, Manics, The Orb (early hours on a hell of a comedown) and many more, but I remember The Young Gods as heavy, driving and intense, but with a real Sonic Youth fixation. They were name-dropped by Bowie in 1995 as one of the influences of the 'Outside' album (a personal fave) and took their name from a band called The Swans (another fave from the day) and, the final plus, they first came to prominence on the Wax Trax label. How much more of a pedigree do you need?!? 


So smiles all round, but the album isn't as I remember them, it's bang up to date, unlike my waffling earlier!! From the opening 'Sirius Business',  you're drawn in and by the time you get to 'Miles Away' you're hooked and moving in time. By the time you get to 'Tenter le Grillage' you've already decided how good this will sound live (they are touring the UK in December with dates in Glasgow, Manchester, Southampton, Birmingham and London) so check them out.


The music itself draws on The Doors, Bowie, Sylvian's solo work, The Shamen and Nine Inch Nails - Industrial but with style and substance. Best track on the album for me is 'Once Again' like early days Killing Joke with a hint of Bauhaus. 


And all this from a band from Switzerland!!! Well I never.