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Written by Nev Brooks   
Friday, 26 November 2010 05:30

hotrails1Do you know that a hot rail is one of the highest output pickups made by Seymour Duncan??? Makes me look like I know what I'm talking about from a musician stand point - sorry to disappoint but it's just a piece of useless information I picked up when I tried to research this band!!!! Now if this band name came from some homage to a guitar pickup that would be sad. My info tells me that they have toured with both LA Guns and Electric Six.


'Deal Breaker' though, three songs in, perked up my interest mixing a Hendrix-style delivery with a cracking driving drum beat. Track four 'Death From Above' leading with a cracking MSG rip off ala 'Attack Of The Mad Axe Man' before drifting into Iron Maiden territory.


'Dickson TN', I have to say. reminded me of The Eagles (even mentioning a Long and Winding Road FFS!!!) before moving into Tenacious D territory, without the humour!!!!


This is what I think is my problem with this release - it's rock by numbers, no originality and ideas stolen from left, right and centre.  The press release calls Ken Janssen, the vocalist and mainstay in the band, the laziest man in show business and I've got to say it shows!!! This is not my style at all, music needs some original feel to keep it fresh, there are lots better out there. I would download 'Deal Breaker' or 'Death From Above' and leave it at that.