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Written by Mark Taylor   
Tuesday, 23 November 2010 05:00

Eastern_FrontCandlelight signed UK black metallers Eastern Front after seeing the band perform some powerful live shows. 'Blood On Snow' is the war torn band's debut and as their name suggests, the lyrics are about the gory battles of the Eastern Front between the Gerries and the Ruskies in the Second World War.


The band themselves hail from the Eastern front of the UK, a place where most Brits wouldn't have been too bothered if Hitler's men had landed, as Suffolk is also home to Cradle Of Filth and The Darkness. Oddly enough the death growls of singer Nagant are more similar to that of Dani Filth but then again perhaps Justin Hawkins would sound like this if his throat were ripped apart by barbed wire after trying to hot leg it over a wall from a hair metal concentration camp. (A nice thought.)


'Blood On Snow' is best enjoyed whilst wearing your snow white and black camouflaged trousers and making sure you have kicked the cat out. Produced by Lord Belial's Anders Backelin on a retreat in Sweden, the album opens up with the machine gun drumming of 'Stalinorgel' and it's heads down all the way to stay alive. You can almost feel the bullets and blood ripping up the snow.


Eastern Front are as tight as a Howitzer's barrel on tracks such as 'Unleash The Panzer Division'. Anathema's Les Smith lends an allied hand to the intro to the epic 'At The Gates Of Moscow' and there is a classical folky feel to the album's closer 'Where Warriors Once Fell' where the band can move onto once the black metal war is over because this is my favourite piece of music on the whole album.


There is enough ferocity on this release to shake Stalingrad to its foundations.