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Written by Ross Welford   
Monday, 29 November 2010 05:00

lavellionThis is the kind of three track cd that'll get played on Classic Rock radio; inoffensive and not exactly bursting out of the speakers but good enough not to make you turn it off.


This four piece from Hull straddle a line between a lighter Black Stone Cherry and Kings Of Leon type rock and they're currently touring the north of the UK to drum up interest as they're unsigned. Their claim to play "ballsy blues based riffs" falls short for my liking being not quite ballsy or bluesy enough but they claim to be ready to work with the "right team of professionals" and based on this cd, I'm not sure whether they mean attract a top record label or work for Pizza Hut?

Thin and crispy when it should sound deep and fat.

Check them and their excellent website out at