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Written by Ross Welford   
Tuesday, 30 November 2010 05:00

smellmy176Minneapolis band Smell My Pillow get me interested from the off with this debut cd. I was expecting sleaze or gutter rock with that name but what you're actually getting is a pumped up, rock fuelled version of Cake, a dash of early Chilis when they didn't give a fuck and Faith No More. Don't go thinking FUNK, think FNM when they explored other avenues, the good stuff.


This is a great change in the market of rock........ no supergroup, no trend followers, no money chasers. These guys have been around the block in various bands for years and they're doing what they want to, regardless of who buys it and who will play it. All you have to do is listen.
'Off Switch', 'Life's Too Short' and the great story of 'Debbie' start this off and it really is a breath of fresh air to hear such original, fresh sounding material when the Toni and Guy haircut bands seem to be taking over the planet of rock. 'Urban Decay Package (U.D.P)' is Cake-esque with its talking lyrics and storyline and is a highlight of this cd. 'Kissing The Ground' is a whirl of space dust chilling on Jane's Addiction, whilst 'So Alive' relives Rollins Band's 'Liar's slow, hate filled monologue but with less venom.
I've said original and yet mentioned five bands that they briefly remind me of, my point is simply that they sound so fresh in a market that is clogged up with dross, the same old shite replacing the same old shite, with no originality of thought. What they're giving us is here are twelve tracks of heart and soul, twelve tracks of influences breathed in and carefully laid out for our pleasure.
Break the mould..................Smell My Pillow.