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Written by Dave Prince   
Wednesday, 09 November 2016 03:20

The Boom Sons artworkThe fact that The Boom Sons released my favourite EP of 2015 means absolutely nothing when I listen to ‘Weird Is The New Black’, their brand spankingly great mini-album. Their progression, which is abundantly clear the moment you hear it, is something amazing. Considering the short time the band have been together.


Wasting no time, the band get straight to business with Through The Rain, and Nathan Morgan on guitar slays with a riff so infectious, that it sets up the rest of the song with it's stop start verse into a killer chorus, which shows off the pipes of Vanessa Batten. One thing that this band has in buckets is class and talent. Not just on this song but throughout the entire album, the rhythm section sound as tighter than my very own spandex! The bass grooves laid down by Vanessa, along with the boom laden drums of Richard Mears, give this album, a rock solid foundation. 


Up next is the jazzy, chilly vibes of Beautiful, the verses are sublime. Vanessa's vocals in the verses remind me of Shirley Manson, which leads into a angst 'Stop and Stare, and look at me. Make me beautiful, like I used to be, chorus. Chilling. This song is great here, but live it becomes something else - Hauntingly amazing.


Bringing the groove back up is 'Heartattack', the band deliver a slow burning belter of a song. Which leads straight to the band's  new video 'Move Your Deriere' which was recently released. The song is a great introduction to the band. Which has one, shaking my derriere with delight.



But however great the last four songs have been, my flat out favourite song here is the achingly gorgeous 'Safe'. This song is now one of my all-time favourite songs and means the world to me and live it becomes something else. It was this song which made me fall in love the the band in the first place. Here the impassioned and powerful vocals of Vanessa, blend with the emotive and expressive guitars and drums.


After such a roller coaster of emotions from a song, the band deliver an interlude, that was previously titled 'Acousticness'. which even though it is an instrumental, highlights the musicianship within the band.


Last up with have the affectingly titled 'Candyfloss Sandwich' which begins with the dulcet tones of Vanessa and some effective jazz chords, before kicking with some no nonsense groove riff-age.


This mini album is so big in sound and talent, you'd be forgiven if a big named band were behind it, but no, this album is a band, showing that they've got what it takes and able to make the move in to the big league.