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Written by DJ Astrocreep   
Monday, 06 November 2017 04:00

Greg Kihn artworkWhen you get the chance to review an album from an artist as established as Greg Kihn, it's not one you pass up. This is a guy who has been releasing albums since 1976, though there has been a studio hiatus for a number of years, as he continued to tour extensively throughout North America. This done whilst juggling DJ duties on a radio show and writing novels, amongst other things! Being familiar already with his two biggest songs to date in 'The Breakup Song' and 'Jeopardy' - the latter of which was one of the earlier conceptual music videos, which featured heavily on MTV in its infancy - I dove straight into a few listens, to get a proper feel for the album.


The release's opener, ‘The Life I Got’, is a good marker for the album. The hook is plain and attention-grabbing right from the onset, as Greg's son Ry shows that talent runs in the family, with some good guitar riffs and solos through the album. The album continues in this vein throughout, with a couple of changes of pace where it fits. A couple of slight changes accompany the tracks 'Big Pink Flamingos' and 'I Wrote The Book', with the former almost reminiscent of an old-fashioned swing number, while ‘I Wrote The Book’ ventures a touch more towards an AOR sound, both of which come out as well as you would expect from a Greg Kihn track


There are a few different feels on the album. From the expected ‘70s/’80s commercial rock sound of most of the album, there is also an almost early garage or punk feel to the track, 'Cassandra', along with a slower track in 'Anthem' - which is fairly self-explanatory - and even an actual ballad in penultimate track, 'A Place We Could Meet'.


Being as consistently good as this album is, it's harder than usual to pick a couple of standout tracks. ‘Cassandra’, as the quickest, is probably one, as is the ballad ‘A Place We Could Meet’. As the two that have a slightly different sound to them, compared to the rest of the album, I would also suggest ‘Big Pink Flamingos’ and ‘I Wrote The Book’.




Overall, this is a highly polished, well-produced release from a band well versed in each other's abilities, by a songwriter who has shown again that he still has the ability to produce top quality material, even after 41 years of releasing records.


For Fans of ZZ Top, early Aerosmith, REO Speedwagon, Boston. Bryan Adams.


‘Rekinhdled’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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