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Written by Dom Daley   
Sunday, 05 November 2017 04:20

Every month I begin to gather my singles ready for the next sitting of the Über Rock Singles Club - and when I have the new Hip Priests in hand it’s time to go, folks. If anyone is brave enough they can submit a 7" into my hand as well (woof woof).


Every month I wonder if I have enough to run the feature and then as if by magic they flood in and this month is no exception.  From North American to London, from Nottingham to Canada, this month is again bulging with fantastic singles that you should seriously check out.  Pour yourself a drink click the links and go find your new favourite band. 


A few old favs make a welcome return along with the undisputed kings of 7"… this one’s better than most so come in and fill yer boots. Welcome to the Über Rock Singles Club for November....


The Main Grains – ‘The Rain Is Over Now’ (Self-Released) 


Let it in fuckers: don't fight it. Embrace it and let it flow right over you.  Another catchy bunch of tunes from Danny and the boys.  If you loved their last offering, then prepare yourself because this pisses all over those on the last release. That might have been an introduction but these three are from a band who know their audience and know a bloody good chorus and its worth - and wrap that chorus in some top-notch rock ‘n’ fuckin' roll.


'The Rain Is Over Now' sounds familiar because these cats love rock ‘n’ roll and have it coursing through their veins: from the throb of the bass thing right into the gang vocals on that chorus, it hits the spot.  Three songs busting with a good time: 'What We Gonna Do' is a stomper and even the most forgetful can join in on the "na na nas". To wrap this single up we have 'Sock It To Me Baby': it's bubblegum pop wrapped in dirty rock ‘n’ roll - the louder the better. Having played plenty of gigs together now, you can hear that they are going through the gears and motoring - and if this is the shape of things to come then bring it on. Imagine an album full of tunes this good (I do). Love me some Main Grains. Click the link and treat yourself - just buy it!




Tom Baker & The Snakes - 'Make It Hurt' (RumBar Records) 


A free single? Sure as shit it is kids, now click on the link n fill yer boots with some Rum Bar goodness. 'Make It Hurt' is prime time rock ‘n’ roll: you know, one of those bullshit let’s just rock out kinda tunes.  'Say Goodbye' is more of the same, maybe with less gusto and kicking back a little, but it’s still high-grade RnR.  Sort of reminds me a little of the JuJu Hounds or The Georgia Satellites: regardless, it’s quality and you can check it out for nowt.  So, what are you hanging around for?


The Hip Priests/Maximum Rock N Roll – Split (Gods Candy Records) 


Hip Priests Shithead EmperorChristmas comes early Über Rockers, and Santa turns up offering gifts of fucked up garage rock ‘n’ roll from the undisputed kings of seven-inch rock.  With zero fucks given, what a fuckin' treat these pair of tracks are.  Jesus wept kids - wait ‘til you get a lug full of 'Shithead Emperor': it'll rip yer face off… but not before 'I'm In Exile' warms you up.  A gentler love song I think would be one way of describing it: another would be to say it’s one you can throw your fist in the air along to the chorus before Adrian Smith soars with the solo - of course it’s a banger and of course, I love it. I love the Hip Priests: they can't do any wrong and I love their sheer self-belief and single-mindedness; they will endure and they will succeed. Still nasty, still flying the middle finger at the bloodsuckers in society and taking the good fight to the bland, dumbed down, the naysayers everywhere - I love it!


However, next time you happen to bump into these reprobates give ‘em a hug, for fuck's sake: they need love. But, then having said that, who else is going to pummel us with such top-notch chaos n roll? Like a punch and a roundhouse kick to the face, this is good - and the second track is the explosion on this EP. 'Shithead Emperor' is nitroglycerin on wax: it’s relentless in its delivery and a killer track, with less than two minutes of explosion after explosion of punk rock fury. 


Flip over and Maximum Rock n Roll are going toe to toe with The Hip Priests - not something I'd advise an up and coming band with a fragile ego but, fair play, MRnR are no teenagers and they do manage to go the distance with some mighty fine riffarama of their own. 'America' is loud and dirty in an Electric Frankenstein way, whilst their second offering, 'Don't Hold So Tight', is a mid-paced rocker with plenty of six-string noodling – but, dare I say, sounding a little tame after the Hip Priests had scorched my speakers on the other side. Regardless two bands, one single, four songs: what is there not to dig?  Get this scribbled on your crimbo list kiddies you need it!


The Phantoms – ‘Covers 65-75' (RumBar Records) 


Anyone for some free music?  I mean awesome free music? That features Lucas from The Dragons on a track.  What you have here folks is four impeccable covers from a band that clearly knows and understands the gravitas of what it is they do.


Johnny Kidd’s 'Shaking All Over', Bowie’s 'Drive In Saturday',  'She Does It Right' by Dr Feelgood and 'Walking The Dog' just how Ruffus would have wanted it to sound. Larry Williams’ 'Slow Down' is a rocker like you'd expect and it's lovingly handled by The Phantoms.  If you do nothing else this weekend, please go and accept this kind free gift from The Phantoms and the awesome Rum Bar Records and fill yer boots. Click the link today! Like,, now already - Go!


RazorbatsTittel300dpi2 previewRazorbats – ‘Social Reject’ (Rob Mules Records) 


Woohoo! Uber Rockers Razorbats are back in the house and with a new line up. They've just recorded a brand new album that will drop early in 2018: we've heard some mixes and believe me if you were into 'Camp Rock' then you'll love what they've done here.


'Social Reject' is the first single to go public as of 10 November on digital platforms. Whilst it is classic and unmistakable Razorbats, it's not the strongest of the new songs - but a great introduction to the new line up. Once you start playing 'Social Reject' you won't stop: Kjetil knows how to write power pop and it'll creepy crawl into your head and take root which will be just long enough for the long player to drop and then you can revel in everything Razorbats can throw at you. Great song go check it out.


Hi-Fi Spitfires - 'Doors To The USA' (Bullet Teeth Records)


Hifi SpitfiresNot content with playing guitars in the UK Subs, Stephen Straughan needs to fill his spare two minutes when not on Subs duty recording and playing with his band Hi-Fi Spitfires - thus why here I present to you their brand new five-track CD single. 'Doors To The USA' is a sprightly punk rock ‘n’ roll number that is the classic single length and one you can certainly pogo around your bedroom too and it won't take til the second chorus for you to join in on the chorus.  Great stuff.


'Fake City' is like early Clash meets SLF with a neat hook and backing vocals that you'll love: what’s not to like here? 'Berlin' has a great sound on the guitar for the intro then the band joins in its great sing-a-long punk rock 'n' roll. 


As for the last two tracks: 'Don't Take My Heart' isn't a ballad but sounds like something you'd have heard down at the old Marquee in the mid ‘80s when Hanoi Rocks were playing: it has a great guitar solo and sound, and a breakdown that will always get a thumbs up here at the Singles Club. Whilst the last song on offer, 'Last Gang' is a great way to finish up a most enjoyable EP. I simply can't help myself and have to hit the repeat button as it’s an EP that makes me feel great about the world and forget any troubles and just get lost in the music.  My advice is to pick up yourself a copy of this before they are all gone: you won't regret it at all.


The Dahlmanns/The Stanleys – ‘Conny Converse’/’Amy’ (Beluga Records)

The Dahlmanns knock out some lush power pop in the shape of 'Conny Converse': what’s not to like? They deliver oohs and aahs a plenty, some great guitar riffing and lush melody - all before a knockout solo. Flip it over and you'll find the altogether more fiesty and punchy 'Amy' from The Stanleys: loads of raucous guitars kicking about behind some great melody.  A great split pairing and another Beluga Records single that people should at the very least be checking out.


Corner BoysCorner Boys – ‘Just Don't Care’ (Drunken Sailor Records) 


Man, Drunken Sailor are stepping up to the plate with some fantastic singles on offer - and possibly the best of the bunch is this one by Corner Boys. With its spiky punk rock and old school lick, it’s an impressive tune that's got me thinking of such awesome bands like Cyanide Pills and some old school bands like Dead Boys, or even a bit of Buzzcocks thrown into the mix. It stinks of glue, cheap speed and a bunch of 7" singles that shaped these snotty kids into what we hear before us.  Long live those Corner Boys… I think I'm in love - L-U-V! And there are handclaps on 'Be Seeing You', which has me thinking these cats have also got the Star Spangles records. Result!


Acrylics – ‘Structure’/’Gluttony’ (Drunk Sailor Records) 


Noise annoys apparently – but, on this evidence, noise is blissful. Acrylics have some hefty bands coursing through their DNA, because this hardcore is uncompromising and embraces carpet bomb hardcore punk whilst 'Gluttony' is more menacing, but it does speed up like its playing on the wrong speed at times - but totally engaging they both are. Buy the record HERE



AutogrammAutogramm – ‘Jessica Don't Like Rock And Roll’ (Party Product Records) 


Oh yeah: you kids wanna turn up the radio for some cool retro power pop from Canada? (Where else?) Autogramm are kicking up a skinny tie plastic shades shitstorm of synth-driven power pop with some phat bass and cutting guitars – and, hey, Jessica if you're out there reading this: wise up girlfriend! Everybody likes rock ‘n’ roll: just give into it.  If you've been hankering after some old school Tubeway army style alt-punk, then get an ear full of this: it’s the Cars driving Numan around listening to some real ‘80s radio before checking out Duncan Reid - it's that catchy. And the B side steals a melody from Bryan Adams, then rocks out with plenty of authentic power pop.  


I've been assured there is an album's worth of material waiting to get released after this 7" taster - and you kids should get on this in a heartbeat.


Michael KaneMichael Kane & The Morning Afters – ‘Laughing At The Shape I'm In’ (State Line Records) 


Four tracks of power poppin' rock ‘n’ roll from the good ole US of A. Michael and the boys kick up a pretty decent shit storm. They open up with 'Old Men Die In New Suits': with its raw guitar riff and gravel vocals these guys are like an Americana Rancid, with a little ray of sunshine with the acoustic guitar strumming big in the background.  Sure, it’s nothing new - they're just keeping the wheel turning but doing it really well. They expand the sound with a layered organ on 'Alright OK': it's like a punkier Gaslight Anthem, if I might be so bold. There is some Americana in there as well as countrified tunes not a million miles from those Supersuckers.  'Shut Out The Lights' is a perfect example of their countrified side. They've saved the best ‘til last with 'Ballad Of A Loaded Gun', which isn't a ballad at all - but it’s a cracker and puts a full stop on a mighty fine four tracks from these Massachusetts rockers.  I like it a lot and you should too. check ‘em out.


SuzieStapleton Yesterdaystown 560x560Suzie Stapleton – ‘Yesterday’s Town’ (Self-Released) 


When I saw this drop through from Über Rock head office, and read the crib sheet to find out that this record has Gavin Jay (the Righteous Mind) on bass duties and Ian White (Gallon Drunk) on drums, I knew I had to hear it: suspecting it to contain some cool sounds, I wasn't disappointed. 'Yesterday’s Town' is haunting as it shuffles in before Suzie’s dominant and engaging voice and guitar style enters the fray, before the darkness is broken with a crashing volley from the band and then falling back for the next verse.  It ebbs and flows and paints a mental picture of vast frozen landscapes punctuated only by the harsh music of epic gothic proportions.  The solo echoes around the room. Suzie gave up her Australian roots for London in 2015: it's no surprise she has toured with Mick Harvey and Mark Lanegan and, on this brief evidence, it won't be long before they're opening for her. 'You Were There' is more widescreen and atmospheric and her voice is a little more than a haunting whisper. A fantastic change of pace for the singles club and most welcome addition. 


That's it folks and those of you who've checked out even one of the bands I thank and applaud you for your taste: hopefully, we can do this again for December - who knows? Maybe this is the last one for 2017, but I'm sure you'll agree this year has been awesome for singles. Chow for now, as they say in LLandow.


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