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Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 10 November 2017 04:20

savingsoulswithrocknrollWho doesn't love investigating a compilation album? Those old Oi! compilations threw up some gems, as did ‘Axe Attack’… Oh, ok, so I lied a little there, but you catch my drift.  Wolverine is celebrating 25 years of releasing punk, psychobilly and a host of other sub-genres with this wonderful jam-packed CD featuring 22 bands.


Let's get right into it, and there are some bands by whom I already have records on Wolverine - like The Boys, who are offered up here with the superb 'Punk Rock Girl' from their critically acclaimed 'Punk Rock Menopause' album, or Lucifer Star Machine, who feature with their single 'Eat Dust'… which, to be honest, are two pretty good reasons to investigate further. 


I am familiar with The Mahones, who kick things off with the title track of this collection, then Boy have a loud blast of street punk with 'Never Break Us Down' which I liked.  Things get louder with the more rock-orientated The Silver Shine and 'One Mile From Heaven'; then its riff after riff as Kopfecho turn up the metal with plenty of guitar noodling and solos and dive bombs – and, as they sing in German, I do hope they’re not talking about me!


The psychobilly element raises its head in the shape of Malasaners, but The Cabel Bugs’ 'Mercenary Blues' takes it up a notch or two with their bass slappin’, Stray Cat struttin'.  Barb Wire Dolls get snotty on 'Revolution', whilst Night Nurse claw back the swinging rock ‘n’ roll before the jewel in the crown of The Boys make their entrance.


The Redkneck Zombies show that not only The Living End have the chops, and I do like H Bomb Holiday Camp, even if they make me scratch my noggin with their name.


When the Wolfgangs have quite finished slapping the salamander stick and swinging their white Falcon, I feel I should applaud Wolverine for having such an impressive roster of bands and being so consistent with it.  As far as compilations go, this is really good and choc-o-bloc with great bands: to do that over 25 years is a tribute to their dedication to good old rock ‘n’ roll.


Excellent effort guys and I'll raise a Steiner in support of your efforts thus far - and here's to the next 25!


‘Saving Souls With Rock And Roll’ is out now. You can get your copy, and find out more about Wolverine Records, HERE.


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