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Written by Mark Ashby   
Tuesday, 14 November 2017 04:20

Damnation Defaced artworkAt first glance, their name may not reveal it, but the album title should! While thoroughly ploughing the traditional death metal route, Damnation Defaced are not content to pursue the genre’s traditional themes of destruction and gore, but instead use their music, albeit brutally, to reflect their mutual love of a genre that, in itself, can often be seen to one of the campest around: science fiction!


Not that there’s anything camp about these German veterans (despite being a new name to the UR crew, they’ve been going for a little more than a decade and this is their third album): these mofos are serious in the beatings they lay down across this album’s 11 tracks, and spare no mercy or thought for those who can’t keep up with its relentless bombardment of furious riffs and blastbeats.


There’s nothing that clever or new about what Damnation Defaced do: it’s been done a thousand times before by a thousand other melodic death metal bands. And it will be done a thousand times more – and maybe another thousand more. Musically, and technically, what they do is nigh on flawless, and they’ve undoubtedly spent hundreds of hours rehearsing and refining their sound to reach the level they currently have attained, but, at the end of the listen, there is nothing that jumps out and grabs you.


The musicianship is exemplary, and the songs are well-crafted and hard to ignore in that regard, but there’s just something missing… What that is: it’s just hinted at on the intro to ‘The Key To Your Voice’, which then displays a furious intensity which, if they’d been able to maintain throughout, would have probably catapulted this under-developed offering to the next level. As it is, this is a decent death metal album which possibly could have been so much more enjoyable if not for its predictability.


‘Invader From Beyond’ is out now.




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