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Written by Gerald Stansbury   
Saturday, 18 November 2017 04:20

Third Lung artworkWhile bands have their whole lives to write their debut album, the difficult follow up album has snake bit many bands over the years. Third Lung has asserted some serious confidence by releasing an EP as the follow up to the first record, and they have put out six songs that far exceed, for me, their debut album. If these six songs are a hint of what’s to come, the band could have a breakthrough year in 2018.


The title track springs to life with a simple but very effective beat by Sam Waugh with some nice guitar work overlaying it. There is a passion in Tom Farrelly’s vocals that is moving throughout the album. Somewhere there is a record executive wishing this was the lead single to a new full length album. The band swims in the same musical ocean as the likes of Alter Bridge and the Virginmarys. The sense of urgency continues to build during the song, and you will be moving by the end of it. ‘Animal Instinct’ provides a catchy riff, but it is the bass line by Rob Jacques that constantly hits me in this one. The band recorded these tracks live in the studio which says a lot as bands struggle to get a mix this good at times.


The EP transitions to ‘Speak Your Mind’ which is a gorgeous ballad that is the song that would be the big hit off the EP in the mainstream with people waving their cellphones in the air in the arena. Tom’s vocals stand out again, especially considering this was recorded live in the studio. There are subtle backing vocals laid down, and this song is perfectly placed on the EP. While it slows things down from the start, the power builds over the course of the five-plus minutes before a quiet outro. This song, like the EP, has received a lot of replays. ‘What Do You Want Jesus to Do?’ reminds me of alternative 90s hard rock with elements of Stone Temple Pilots; it would fit right at home on Therapy?’s ‘Infernal Love’ album.


‘What They May Say’ features some nice guitar work and makes me look forward to seeing how the band develops their sound with Camila Jurasek now joining the band to provide a second guitar and backing vocals. While this song does not grab me like the others here, it is still one that I don’t skip when playing the record. The closing ‘As You Stand’ brings in some acoustic guitar and mixes it with the electric to provide some great texture to the song. This is another song that could be a hit single, and the band is able to bury it as the final song on this EP. While this EP is made up of two recording sessions, everything has been remixed by Michael Smith with Josh McCrohan and Dave Jurgens each providing some additional lead guitar for these songs.


I know I heard the debut by Third Lung but don’t remember being moved by it, but this EP will have me revisiting that album, because I had to have just somehow not connected with it at the time. This EP has created very high expectations in my mind for the next album. The band should see their audience grow as more people hear these songs and become aware of Third Lung. If they can snag a lucrative support slot on a tour, this band will see that audience grow exponentially.


‘Breaking Late’ is released on 1 December. You can get your copy HERE


Third Lung play The Pack and Carriage in London on Saturday 9 December.


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