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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 29 November 2017 04:00

TLOA CoverBorn from the scene in Detroit Rock City where the MC5 and the likes of The Stooges were kings, and further west where the Sunset Strip was an altogether seedier affair, right to the East Coast where things were truly seedy and dangerous, The Lords soaked it all up like a sponge and wear it on their leather vest like a badge of honour.  The Lords aren't refined or polished, but they are the real deal; their primitive guttural riffs are born from the blood sweat and tears of their forefathers, and the organ swirl is the heartbeat that fuels their fire.  Muscle cars, big choppers (Oi Oi Mrs), unkempt hair, leather, beer and a cigarette… these cats embody it all in their music, so we don't have to.


Imagine a sound crafted out of the smouldering remains of The Dolls, Cramps, Doors, The Stones, MC5 and The Stooges just to name a few: the Lords Of Altamont live it and breathe it, and have crafted another mighty fine collection of tunes that make up 'The Wild Sounds Of...'


'Like A Bird' bursts through the speakers and, rather than ease you in gently, it’s an adrenalin rush of guitar fury, with swirling organs and pounding drums as this opener just soars. The breakdown is a filthy bass and a backbeat that punctures an exceptional opener.


Hold on to your hat folks, because 'Been Broken' follows suit and riffs like a good un. But, hold on and try to catch a breath, because 'Going Downtown' is strutting like a peacock, knowing that this is special and the potential to become a garage rockin' classic.


It's not until 'Take A Walk' that we ease back into the saddle of this hot rod, and it has all the sleaze of a late night in the late ‘70s Bowery or an open top cruise down Sunset.  '(It Aint) Revolution' is what Primal Scream tried to be, as the fuzzed-up guitar rolls by and the vocals echo with menace and intent; this could be the theme tune to any major city disturbance: it invokes slo-mo as buildings burn.  Brooding, exciting and perfectly executed rock ‘n’ roll.  Jake 'the Preacher' Cavaliere is in mighty fine voice on 'Death On The Highway'.



'The Wild Sound Of...' is smashed out over 11 tracks and it basically amounts to the most consistently good Lords Of Altamont album to date. No question about it: this is exceptional and they've really managed to capture the energy in these songs. From the opener through songs like 'I Said Hey', with its Manzarek organ honk, and heyday Stonesy rock ‘n’ roller 'Can't Lose', The Lords have nailed it with this career-best release. To finish off this pretty intense and upbeat album you might have thought they'd take it down with the final track, but 'Where Did You Sleep' takes the band into Ramones territory with a fairly straight out punk rock ‘n’ roll closer. 


The hands-down best garage rock 'n' roll record I've had the pleasure of hearing for quite a while and one I'd highly recommend to anyone who likes loud guitar swirling organs and fantastic rock ‘n’ roll. I urge you to check out ‘The Wild Sounds Of...’ right now!


'The Wild Sound Of...' is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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