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Written by DJ Astrocreep   
Thursday, 30 November 2017 04:00

electric wizard wizardbloodywizard coverThe build-up to Christmas. A time for decorations, (nativity) displays and... doom?! After an initially anticipated release date of 2016, Electric Wizard finally release their new record. Keeping to their trend of an album every three or four years since the release of ‘Dopethrone’ in 2000, ‘Wizard Bloody Wizard’ is the ninth studio album from Electric Wizard.


From the off, you get very much what you would expect from any Electric Wizard release - doom that sounds like it was spawned by the mighty Sabbath themselves. This is not typical of the whole album though, as the second track, ‘Necromania’ sounds a lot closer to some of the newer stoner bands. A sign of them moving with the times, perhaps, yet at the same time, it is unmistakably them, with the bass intonation reminiscent of the rest of their work. Certainly, a track that sticks out immediately upon listening.


The third track, ‘Hear The Sirens Scream’, is extremely reminiscent of ‘Electric Funeral’ by Black Sabbath: hardly unsurprising, given it being part of where the band's name comes from. As usual, though, this is done without sounding cheesy or overdone, as a lot of other bands seem to do. It is much more an homage to this than a direct copy and works well.


The other song I feel compelled to pick out from the album is ‘The Reaper’, which starts with a slow fade into the sound, with an almost funeral doom vibe - quite in keeping, given the name! The organ dirge in the background gives a slight edge to the track, just adding that something which, whilst not exactly missing before, is just that little bit extra to grab your attention above what is a strong album.


Overall, this is an album which is a very good addition to my collection and will feature in my own playlists to listen to at leisure. It is precisely what you would expect from Electric Wizard from start to end, with a nice couple of additions with the stoner element and funeral dirge in the relevant racks that means keeping interest is not a problem - more remembering to breathe as you're sucked right into the tracks! It's a strong album from start to finish, though it's hard to require filler for an album with only six tracks. This is, for me, their best release from an accessibility viewpoint, rivalling ‘Dopethrone’ maybe as the album you could use to introduce those yet to be initiated to the band to an act that should be a staple part of their listening.


‘Wizard Bloody Wizard’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.




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