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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 19 November 2009 15:23

fpdonkeyP-p-p-pussy-pussycat! Friggin' A - a live Faster Pussycat album! Now you might be sighing and groaning about the validity of this but it's here, like it or not, and I'm sure Taime couldn't give a fuck either way.


In their pomp from '87- '90, these bad boys were kings of the castle or at least the sleazy boudoir; you know, the one where the birds are all stunners and the booze is free. Who really knows why a live album and why now in 2009 but, regardless of all the politics that goes with this band, this is a bloody decent effort and it's nice to hear 'Bathroom Wall' and 'Cathouse' can still make me smile and remember how fucking good this band were. Always have and always will love Taime's voice; he epitomized an era for me - not the best set of pipes but, fuck it, the guy oozed sleazy glammed up rock 'n' roll. He might have traded in the pixie boots for a pair of jack boots but 'Slip Of The Tongue' is still a genre defining classic, go on deny it?

I also happened to like the Newlydeads - their cover of 'Cities In Dust' was sublime - but I'll  be first to admit that 'Between The Valley Of The Ultra Pussy' came pretty close to pissing on a legacy. Thankfully 'The Power & The Glory Hole' pulled Taime back from the brink with some decent songs. In fact we get five tracks from 'The Power...' here - maybe that's a lot considering the quality of the first three albums (which most people will know the band for) but that's where the band is at this minute so, respect for that.


Highlights here are still 'Where There's A Whip', the filthy 'Slip Of The Tongue' and the sheer rock out with your cock out of 'Cathouse'.  I fucking love those songs even after all these years. 'Wake Me When It's Over' is still a fantastic slab of vinyl that kicks the shit out of all the wannabees that have followed that glorious late 80's. Tagged on the end of this live (cough) recording is a cover which is part (new) Faster Pussycat and part old school riffage of the Stones classic 'I Know It's Only Rock 'n' Roll' which, at the end of the day, is what this damn record is.It might not be as headbangingly good as Twisted Sister's version of the song but who cares? It's never about world peace nor is it going to change anyone's life but a decent stab at a mix of old and new is what's on offer.


Me, I'll declare right here and now 'I Know It's Only Rock 'n' Roll But I Like It'. Nah, scrap that - I fuckin' loves it! I guess a reunion of the original FP is about as likely as Nick Griffin holidaying in Pakistan or Ian Paisley converting to Catholicism so 'Front Row For The Donkey Show' it is then. But how good would it be to see the original line up tread the boards again? Stranger things have happened.