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Written by Darrel Sutton   
Friday, 04 November 2011 05:30

Black_Tusk_Set_the_DialAt the end of another sweltering Savannah summer it's only apt that a new album from Black Tusk should belch forth to consume all in its path. Considering the strength of the output coming from bands in that region, the fact that their seminal 'Taste The Sin' album probably topped the pile is a fair indication of how brain-melting this band can be. And let me sure you that 'Set The Dial' continues exactly where 'Taste The Sin' left off. 


As the molasses thick guitars of instrumental intro 'Brewing The Storm' lumber forth you can feel yourself being dragged under the behemoth that is Black Tusk and when the words "Six, Six, Six" are hissed at you at the beginning of 'Bring Me Darkness' you know this ride ain't gonna be for the faint-hearted. As with their previous releases, 'Passage Through Purgatory' (so welcomely re-released by Relapse earlier this year) and the aforementioned 'Taste The Sin' their formula for success encompasses bludgeoning distortion-drenched riffs, truly pissed off vocals and a general snarling demeanour most faux-hardcore punk bands couldn't buy for a million dollars. They also have the same knack the likes of Crowbar have of making relentlessly heavy music perversely catchy. They also have a classic '70s heavy rock vibe which mixes with the bludgeoning heaviness to great effect, as demonstrated gloriously on 'Ender Of All'. They also let rip when needs be, 'The Time Is Divine' being a 2am stoned and pissed-up drive at 100mph, and whilst the pace may vary across the ten songs on offer the intensity never wanes, and the shared vocals between all three band members gives quite a few songs a quite unhinged menace to them. 


By the end of the record you really have had your money's worth and I can only compare the end of this particular journey as similar to getting off of the most shit-scary rollercoaster you could imagine. The rides utterly exhilarating but you'd best check your pants because Black Tusk have that effect on you, if you get my drift.