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Written by Matt Phelps   
Saturday, 05 November 2011 05:00

sanguine176erExeter four piece Sanguine are making waves like a belly flop from Bella Emberg. Big names like Joey Jordison from Slipknot and Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden have already had their ears pricked by the not so subtle tones of vocalist Tarin Kerrey. A screaming, howling, demon voiced vixen o' rock her pipes are a little reminiscent of Nicole Lee from Eighties Chicago town thrashers Znowhite. Tarin brings a soul smashing dimension to the music that lifts the south west quartet's game above much of the competition and with this 2 track single which is primed to explode with the lead track 'For Love' Sanguine will surely be ready to up it another level.


Sanguine have been steadily building their presence on the scene with energetic and engaging live shows with Tarin's fire breathing vocals cutting down the opposition to quivering wrecks, some so much that other bands have feared to tread the boards directly after a Sanguine performance. Previous offering 'Live Consume Drive', with its visually striking DIY video and savage sound, saw Sanguine gaining exposure and recognition through outlets such as TV channel Scuzz and the path through the live circuit has been walked with confidence leading to an appearance at this year's Bloodstock festival. With noticeable achievements like these already under their belts Sanguine have been making it a course of slowly and surely and when 'For Love' swings into dirty life with some low sounding chugging from sole guitarist Nick Magee you can be sure that it's another steady step without a riff out of place. A sole guitarist with a huge sound Magee cuts out a mile wide ten foot deep groove as his six string buries deep into the soul of the tune. Tarin builds the tension over the top of the music throughout with flawlessly versatile vocals and the pounding direct aggression that's backing her up comes courtesy of rhythm section Tom Sherwood and Matt Feld (bass and drums respectively).


Without a second wasted track 2 on the single shifts up into overdrive as 'For Love' is backed with the punishingly brutal 'Anger Song'. It's this 2 minute blast of razor whipped rock that shows me the real cards that Sanguine are holding ahead of laying their full hand down in early 2012 with the release of their debut album. With influences ranging from all quarters of the rock spectrum the Devon foursome have set about constructing a powerful delivery system that encapsulates major explosive elements from some of Sanguine's prime moving peers. Sanguine's 'Anger Song' swirls in a circle of violence that attacks the listener with sonic claws tearing strips of flesh from ear lobes with Kerrey's unholy vocals while Feld beats his drums like they're Joe Pesci's Casino skull. All out war lasting just 121 seconds, a blitzkrieg introduction to the band and the power in their ranks that will leave you shaken and most definitely stirred.


Having issued a quality double hitter like this 2 track 2012 should hopefully yield even more quality returns for Sanguine, a band with drive, vision and all the tools and talents to make a lasting impression. Twin towers of pulsing R'n'R rage 'For Love' and 'Anger Song' mix up some Killswitch Engage 'Reckoning' with some Tura Satana 'Roughness' and offer captivating vocals that instantly become the focal point of this release yet the overall performance and production on both will play an equally important part towards the continued rise of Sanguine.