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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 02 November 2011 05:30

guntysPunk Rock Debauchery, eh?! So wrapping your demos up in a house brick and throwing them through the window of URHQ might not be the best way of getting a review but local boys The Guntys decided to wrap it up in a piece of paper and clandestinely hand it over to one of the editors in Tesco (or something like that) like a bad drug deal and it was then mailed out to yours truly for my perusal. 


I've managed to catch this band a couple of times at the mental outpatients unit otherwise known as Slugfest and they seemed wholly appropriate playing such a wonderful occasion with their punk rock stroke Celtic debauchery which, in fairness, is well delivered and always guaranteed to go down well....but I'm not at Slugfest and I haven't consumed several gallons of apple juice - I'm sat at home about to judge a band for the first time. 


The title track is first up and is a bit of a jig with a punked up crossover which does the job well as The Guntys let you know exactly where they're coming from, which is always a good start. 'Killing Me With A Spoon' is more of the same, a tale of big business swallowing small towns wrapped up in some pretty straight down the line punk rock with a catchy chorus a la Clash-lite which, in my opinion, is never a bad thing; so far so good and nothing to dislike here at all. For the third track, 'Tick Tick Boom',  we get our jig on for a wander round some Dropkick Murphys meets Floggin Molly stylie punk rock Pogues - It's well delivered but not as good as the first two, but if ya like the Dropkicks then you'll dig this. 'Stag Nights' is possibly the most straight 'Rock' so far but has a neat bass rumble and chorus. In fact it's a pretty decent song, make no mistake about it, with a good solid riff about two thirds in when it crashes back in. 'Dan Thomas' is next, a paean to the Guntys' fave local with "his wonky eye" and penchant for drinking; it mixes up the styles again and is a well crafted ditty and one that would definitely go down well with punks and celtic/rock fans alike, besides any song that manages to get the word septicaemia and hula hoops into its lyrics deserves respect. 

They might be friends of the Uber massive and supporters of the magnificent Slugfest but there are no favours round here. I'd like to give something back though by suggesting that you good readers could do a hell of a lot worse than check these bad boys from the hill out, and get jiggy with their sound. Now what the fuck is a Gunty or shouldn't I ask?!/pages/The-Guntys/197910076928138