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Written by Ross Welford   
Wednesday, 09 November 2011 04:00

wildwetThis debut album from Italian band Wild Wet is pretty much everything you think an Italian glam rock band would sound and look like.

D.Crystal (luckily escaping ridicule because of his band mates), BlackJ (obviously dressed for an '80s camp party), G.Everett (German glue sniffer) and M.Nyx Frye (if anyone's in the market for a gay sci-fi pornstar, then I've found your man) have loosely created a half decent album that might see them put a few bums on seats in their homeland but the chances of success outside of that territory are about as big as I've got of being Tracii Guns' new singer (Oh, hold on..............)

After more than a handful of Italian bands albums coming through my letterbox for review of the last few months, this bunch are simply not quite achieving the standards set by the rest of their countrymen. The lyrics are broken English at times and I often wonder if these European bands would just be better off singing in their own language? Then, add to that, that I thought Motley Crue had taught everybody a lesson in the fact that you should never let your drummer near the lyrics sheet, music or the mic and so it proves to be the case on weird acoustic, Spanish tinted song 'Astray'.

Without ever coming close to being your new favourite band, the biggest compliment I can give is that they reminded me of a (poor) Italian version of a young Hardcore Superstar (especially their 'Thank You...' album ). Occasional good guitar work and ideas don't make the full package and if any of you outside of the glorious country of Italy click the following link, it'll be simply to offer employment to the porn star in waiting.