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Written by David Whistance   
Friday, 27 November 2009 09:40


If you attended any of the dates on Green Day's recent UK tour then you may have witnessed an intriguing, leopard printed five piece from Hollywood wowing the crowds before the headliners took to the stage and wondered "who the fuck were they?"  If you were lucky enough to witness these Los Angeles vagabonds known to us as Prima Donna then you may want to invest in their 2008 released second album 'After Hours', a lesson in vintage glam, punk that any real music fan cannot afford to be without in their collection.


Over the years there have been far too many atrocious bands claiming to the new Hanoi Rocks or the next New York Dolls (you know who you are) most of them not even fit to lick Mike Monroe's snakeskin cowboy boot...but every once in a while a band comes along that are destined worthy; a decade ago we had D Generation, then a few years back we had The Star Spangles, and now we have Prima Donna.


AfterHoursCoverOpening with the splendid 'Soul Stripper' that kicks off like a lost Faces classic instantly transforming into the Dolls at their finest, finishing with a Hanoi Rocks splendour courtesy of Aaron Milton and his self confessed sexy Sax.


'I Don't Want You To Love Me' transports its listener back to the swinging sixties as they squeeze themselves into a pair of the tightest fitting drain pipes, slip on their winkle pinker Chelsea boots and twist the night away with the surf style guitar of Kevin Preston and Erik Arcane in a wonderfully surreal Austin Powers moment.


'Stray Doll' continues in the rock 'n' roll vain with a wonderful sax break, a song whether coincidently or not reminds me of the wonderful and criminally underrated New York band The Star Spangles, the official missing link between New York Dolls and The Ramones - now if only their parents had sent them to a private school in Switzerland things could have been so different...but then you cannot change the $troke of fate. A song that would not look out of place nestled amongst the track list in Richard O Brian's wonderfully camp rock 'n' roll musical, The Rocky Horror Show.


'Double Crosser' kicks off with a wonderful Ramones groove instantly metamorphosing into a seventies rock 'n' roll classic, as they draw back further to their influences as Prima Donna take on the Stones on 'Lady Strange.'


'Doll Face Baby' evokes images of Motown classics, played by five pretty boys with legs stretched apart whilst swallowing copious amounts of Jack Daniels.


Another Sax filled treat in the form of 'Crucified' as we approach the dumb no brainer track that is 'Dummy Luv' that concludes a ten song lesson of glam, punk history courtesy of the Prima Donna's...Let's hope they hold themselves to their UK touring promises and get back here soon!