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Written by Gaz E   
Monday, 30 November 2009 14:19

The_Chuckies_bigLike being the finest rock 'n' roll band on the planet named after a ginger acting legend - at least until Bonnie Langford Jovi cut their first disc - wasn't enough. The Chuck Norris Experiment have been kind enough to gift us black hearted music whores with a steady stream of cool garage rock for the past several years, all the while providing us with a place to lay our weary heads and try to recover from the hurting bomb that hit us like a freight train when Kings Of Rock Gluecifer shuffled from this musical mortal coil.


It obviously wasn't enough as Chuck Tonic, Chuck Ransom, Chuck Daniels, Chuck Cougar and Chuck The Ripper decided to form an acoustic offshoot of the CNE - playing more subtle yet no less potent versions of their classic tunes - and name it after another anarchic auburn avenger of the silver screen, this time a ginger Good Guys doll possessed by the murderous spirit of Brad Fucking Dourif. Hey, could be worse.


The Chuckies were born on a brooding, lightning-lit night and, while the electricity may have deserted them for the time being, their acoustic murder ballads and macabre musical meanderings are smeared in that same grimy rock 'n' roll that curses their electric counterparts. Equal parts Johnny Cash, Nick Cave and Tito & Tarantula, The Chuckies will appeal to fans of all of the above and also purveyors of trashy gutter rock.


Great tracks like 'Evil Empire Vampire', 'The Roof Is About To Cave In', 'Ugly Motherfucker' and 'She Moves In Murderous Ways' should provide the perfect background music for drunken debauchery and gnarly sexual relations.


Look out for the appearance of The Chuckies on a new W.A.S.P. tribute album due to be released in early 2010 called 'The Crimson Covers' - they have reworked 'Ballcrusher' and I just know that it will sound badass. A band well worth checking both guises.