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Written by Rob Watkins   
Monday, 21 November 2011 05:15

Changes'Changes' is the "highly anticipated" comeback of the female fronted Swedish melodic rockers Alyson Avenue with this, their third album, the first to feature vocalist Arabella Vitanc who replaced the Nightwish bound Anette Olzon.


A mish mash of neatly produced keyboards and guitar opens up 'Liar' with a great vocal melody and an incredible hooky choral arrangement that will get any American Orientated punter creaming. 'Will I Make Love' offers Michael Bormann on joint lead vocals that pull the listener into the AA groove with some cool harmonic passages that had me tossing my Uber coin, being unable to decide on "Is this past or present" in terms of having something to say.


Title track 'Changes' kicks in with some blistering riffage but the tune falls short on killer hooks that maybe I was expecting. 'Amazing Days' builds up promisingly and almost hits the mark, but it's only an almost moment. A latter day Whitesnake influence rears up rather massively on 'Don't Know If Love Is Alive' but, again, as much as I'd like to scream "Here's a song for ya" there's no chance on this musical evidence and this theme continues throughout 'Fallen' and 'Into The Fire', songs that feature former frontwoman Anette Olzon on backing vox; a decent production and the songs are well crafted I should utter. 'I Will Be Waiting' will have all fans of bygone '80s daze rockin' their mullets in unison and 'I'll Cry For You' would certainly have rocked my boat back in the day when my waistline was smaller and my hair products outnumbered my vinyl collection...but a good song is a good song whatever, and this is likeable and listenable to an extent with some Bon Jovi swung moments.


'Somewhere' and 'Always Keep On Loving You' round things off and, overall, the opus has strength and good songs but needs a little Swedish Oomph to launch it upwards into the modern day. Changes....Changes.....Changes.