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Written by Craggy   
Wednesday, 23 November 2011 05:30

dirtyhabitThese high-octane, twisted little ditties are enough to keep the darkest of us amused while ensuring to turn on the desire to shake your arse. After the opener, 'Hell', lays down the agenda, with arsehole tearing riffs of destruction being laid down fat, you can have a good guess that this agenda will be followed throughout the rest of the album. 'Place To Be' is a grooving motherfucker of a tune with Junkyard-style fret-wizardry leading the way, building up to a big hard-rock sing-along chorus.


The guitar sound remains a constant crushing force, and songs such as 'Down Below' and 'Make Things Right' provide hammer-blows in to the ground accented by the pummelling drums. All the while this barrage of sound is accented delightfully by the wonderfully named Scarlette Sin's steady vocals, which also lend themselves to the great melodious choruses they produce, witnessed readily on songs such as 'Alcohol'.


'Mental Execution' rarely deviates from the realms of pure-power rock. From the opener, through songs such as 'Place To Be', 'Verge Of Insanity' and 'Gold Digger' the emphasis is openly based on rock 'n' roll riffs driven to the max. And it is high the number of varying riffs that keep this band interesting. So if it's nothing but a musical smack in the teeth you want, then Dirty Habit deliver it with aplomb.