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Written by Dom Daley   
Monday, 14 November 2011 05:15

captainzappedFrom the opening chugg of 'Shake The Pussy' you know exactly where these bad boys are coming from; It's no nonsense, no bullshit, foot on wedge, biker boots, horns in the air and beer on the amp rock 'n' roll and praise the lord for that. It's no frills but plenty of bar room riffery with tales about birds, booze, engines, rock 'n' roll and all that jazz but you know what, there is a smell of authenticity about this shit; it's just there in the grooves - you kinda know they live this shit and will fight you for their right to sing it.

'Shake That Pussy' played at high volume has the right amount of old school hard rock a la Motorhead and the Stooges ripping through its pistons and this gets fucked up with the hypnotic muscle of 'Another Pretty Suicide'. 

You just know a band like this let's the music do the talking when the press sheet comes with about four lines that merely tell you who's in the band, when they were formed and that's your lot - no shooting the shit about how original they are or who they've managed to get 20 minutes playing with on a corner of the stage.


Every now and then hearing a band like this is just the tonic, like the Four Horsemen in the late '80s (not that this is quite that good but it's in the same ball park), and Captain Zapped does have pedigree so I wouldn't want to mislead anyone thinking these are out of high school new kids because the vocals hail from the belly of the beast that is Alex Mitchell who was in Circus Of Power. Ah, I hear you say, it all makes sense now - greasy low down 'n' dirty rock on the same lineage as The Cult, 'Electric' era. 


'Rad Little Bitch' is a cracker from the howl to them managing to get the lyric "Shithouse rat" in there - much kudos for that but this is bitchin' horns in the air rock much like Motochrist and approved_image_lrg_2011that gang of badass bands that pour out of Acetate Records. This is the real deal boys and girls; bullshit free and bitchin', Captain Zapped have nailed it! Raw, honest, dirty 'n' most definitely rockin'.