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Written by Nev Brooks   
Tuesday, 22 November 2011 05:00

Single-Bullet-Theory-IV-300x300With interesting song titles such as 'Auctioneer Of Souls' perking up my interest I looked forward to giving this one a listen. I'd read bits and pieces before diving in, all stating sounds akin to a cross between Slayer and Pantera; even more interesting. So here we go, the afore-mentioned first track....and we get a cross between Megadeth and Dragonforce!!!


I'm not a muso and don't play guitar so am probably not the right person to appreciate the guitar histrionics here, in fact they fucking bored me, taking the attention away from the rest of the band who kept it tight and heavy. 'Diabolical' slipped by then 'Echoes Of The Past' kicked in; cracking vocals, maybe a hint of the Anselmo snarl or am I looking to closely for it? But at least the guitarist is back in his box. 'Hands Of The Wicked' starts up with a tribal, drummed intro before a riff to die for, a definitive Anselmo influence before a bit of Queensryche??? This is all over the place but the fucking guitarist ruins it by wanking his guitar all over it!! That solo was not necessary, remember "Less is more."


The more I listen to this album the more confused I get; it is really all over the place, it has some good ideas, it has some cracking riffs and, at times, the vocals are good but ultimately the album does not live up to the sum of its parts. But the thing that decided for me what I think of this album is the soloing, it just does not seem to fit - after listening to a gorgeous down-tuned riff with a Pantera style vocal run, why is the lead then tuned back up to emphasise the solo? It didn't work for me. Put the guitarist back in his box, granted he does not ruin every track, refine the ideas, less is definitely more.


This band has potential but don't feed the guitar player's ego. PS - did I tell you there's a bit of early Rush in 'The Wake Of Betrayal' before the guitarist ruined it?!