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Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 14 November 2012 03:00

bitersdyingbreedTearing it up across the US of A, Tuk and the boys have decided to grace our stereos with another four tracks in the shape of an EP rather than stock them up for a full length album, and after the debacle of the 'All Chewed Up Ok?' release, and management now behind them, they can get on with what they do best, and that's rock and roll records.


'Last Of A Dying Breed' gets underway with the 'Hallucination Generation' with its cool DC stomp and a melody we've come to expect from the Biters, and whilst it might not be as good as some of their previous work it's still way out front for bands peddling a glittery '70s rock with some raw primal grooves. 'So Many Nights' has a real Thin Lizzy dual guitar attack to it with more of the same in the melody department but it could easily have been written by Mr Lynott when he was waiting for an alibi or dabbling in a jailbreak, but you get the picture of where these Georgian boys are shooting from.


'Hell Is For Babies' is a Glunk treat with some great riffing and a neat chant-along backing vocal and easily the best song on offer here, right down to its steeped in tradition guitar soloing. What the Biters have done is absorb what was good about a lot of the '70s glitter bands like Sweet and T. Rex and bring it up to date and bring some glamour back from a time when the charts were bothered by such luminaries as Lynott and Bolan...and why not? The bottom line is a good record is a good record no matter what era it's recorded in and there is more to the Biters than simply being a retro band. By the sounds of this here EP they are ready to expand their horizons as well with the acoustic strum and tough love chorus of 'Evil Eyes' as it builds into a bit of a bruiser, but has all the elements of a great song from someone who really knows what he's doing.


The Biters know what it takes to assemble a great pop rock sound and above all they are building a really impressive catalogue of songs to back it all up. Let's hope this is the first of a steady blitzkrieg of material from them and a line in the sand has been drawn. If their contemporaries can keep up then the future looks bright.


Another great EP from out of Athens, Georgia and another well impressive four tracks from a band on a mission to entertain us with great great songs. Now get down and get with it brothers and sisters and put 'Last Of A Dying Breed' on your Christmas list, you won't be disappointed.



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