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Written by Ross Welford   
Wednesday, 27 November 2013 04:00

whiskeysixgritcoverSometimes a CD just hits the spot. It's not new or original but it's just great rock and metal music........Whiskey Six have just hit me with a full 12 tracks of top notch rock that can have nobody complaining. Sounding at various points like SOil, BLS and having the odd Nickelback twang about it, it's raw and has energy and hunger that sets them apart from a lot of the dross that gets thrown our way, and this review is two weeks later than planned because it's simply been on play non-stop.


'Watch It All Burn' starts us off and already the high tempo rock is being spewed forth like a rock Vesuvius - guitars grinding out heavy riffs and background squeals aplenty with singer Chris Strickler instantly getting you interested with some great vocals. 'Double Barrel Man' adds a touch of Southern swagger (that'd be 'swagger' as in bar room brawl swagger) before Strickler adds another string to his bow when the semi acoustic start to 'One Last Time' makes him sound like Chris Cornell, and that whole track could be a solo offering from the Seattle legend - no mean feat and no doubt a hit on American Radio is in waiting with this track.


'Long Necks (And Open Legs)' and the great 'Anything But Sober' add more groove heavy riffs coupled with strong choruses before the thoughtful track 'Home' rounds it all out. Add the brilliant '80s vibe of 'Heard It On The X' and you've been hit for a home run.


This is the band Nickelback could never quite be, they've got the hits SOil can't quite recapture and they've got the catchy sensibilities that Black Label Society can never achieve but, ultimately, Whiskey Six are their own band with their own sound.


Phoenix, Arizona's finest export for a long time.




To pick up your copy of 'American Grit' [Explicit] - CLICK HERE