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Written by Mark Granger   
Wednesday, 11 December 2013 04:00

zedcoveruseSpace Punk.


That's what I'm calling this album. My desire to categorise the music I review so that you know what to expect struggled for a while but I'm going with Space Punk.


If you don't know (which I didn't) RT-Zed is a band from the musical mind of Stiff Little Fingers drummer Steve Grantley and they're bloody good. Taking punk as its starting point and layering on a good helping of rock and roll, goth and at times a sprinkling of glam. RT-Zed is a musical gumbo of Grantley's own making and his need to experiment.


On first listen you can immediately tell it's a drummer's album as the songs aren't all built on straightforward rhythms. Which is not to say that it's full of prog beats that regularly change time signatures; no, the rhythms on show here show a willingness to play within the constraints of a 'normal' beat making for an extremely interesting and engaging listen. In fact there's so much going on it will probably take a good few listens to fully absorb the record.


The album eases you in with the straight forward punk 'n' roll of 'You Are Free' but on second track 'Room No. 5' Grantley's unique grasp of melody and structure shines through as an unobvious melody burrows it way into your head. This is where RT-Zed's main strengths lie, taking more traditional song structures and adding something a bit unexpected into the mix. 'In The Blood' stands out from the pack with Grantley giving a particularly impressive vocal performance and it's spacey guitars weaving in and out of the melody.


'Zed Hed' is an album full of engaging songs that you'll find yourself singing after the first listen but will come back to again and again because each time you do you know you will find something new.




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