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Written by Mark Ashby   
Monday, 16 December 2013 03:20

HellOn ArtworkExploding out of the Ukraine with a fury of a marauding battalion of Cossacks, this fourth album by Hell:On (known as Hellion in their homeland but making the subtle change in their monicker for western consummation) is further proof, if it was needed, that eastern Europe has been a hot bed of vicious death/thrash crossover bands for about the last decade.


Featuring guest perfomances from the legendary Andy LaRocque and Vader’s Marek Pajek, ‘Hunt’ is a hard-hitting and highly impressive album. It combines all the right elements of both death metal and thrash – the ferocity and melody of the former and the unbridled speed of the latter – in a heady mix which appeals right through from the opening riff of ‘Hear My Call’ to the dying bombardment of ‘Insight’, while also incorporating moments of doomy dankness (such as on the intro to the skin-shredding ‘Beyond Morality’, which in itself easily stands alongside anything Kreator have produced in recent years!).


The four musical performances – from Oleg Talanov’s blastbeats and beatdowns through the soaring twin guitar work of Anton Vorozhtsov and Alexey Pasko – are stunning in their blend of intensity and precision, while Alex Baev’s vocals just ooze maniacal passion, and the exemplary production draws each of the elements together with a rough-edged clarity that suits the aggression and subtlety which laces this opus magnus.


If you’re into classic death metal and thrash bands, this definitely is one to searching out as a sneaky little stocking filler for yourself…




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