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Written by Ross Welford   
Thursday, 03 December 2015 03:40

burnerheadcoverGrown men singing about drinking, sex and rock 'n' roll is equal parts cringe worthy and admirable, and that pretty much sums up German band, Burnerhead.


Take their 'Ready To Drink' track - a seriously catchy, riff-led sing-a-long anthem that you can't help but enjoy. The lyrics are cheesy, the vocals aren't the best, the video is basic beyond words, YET you still can't help but get carried away on their enthusiasm and smiling faces.


The band state that they play Billy Idol riffs over Danko Jones grooves with twin leads a la Iron Maiden and while you can't help but admire their ambition, that's slightly misleading - they WANT to sound like that but they're not quite that awesome.


'Adrenalin' is another track that showcases the band's ability, though, and throughout this album you get the impression that these four band members are just mates doing what they want regardless of fame, money and stardom.


Self-released via their own Hoopymusic label, Burnerhead are better than a lot of bands out there yet without a sniff of recognition from the labels, they continue to be the old, snot-nosed, loud mouth and obnoxious rebels sitting at the back of the class loving their life regardless.


They'll be doing this until they die.




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