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Written by Ross Welford   
Saturday, 19 December 2015 03:40

BWombcoverBleak and fucked up could be another title...


This Norwegian duo return with another slab of Country, Punk, Rock, Swamp that belies genres and splits fans and critics alike.


They call it Noise Rock.


Opener 'Make Sure You Get Yr Whole Head In Front Of The Shotgun' is proof straight away that Barren Womb are here to do things their way and it is a typically slow meander into a dark, horrible place where few want to go. 'Heap Blame/Put To Shame' ups the guitar tempo and anger but keeps the bleak monotony of all that Barren Womb stand for.


This is a band that you never truly know what is coming next on their albums - 'Piss Jugs' is a frenetic, thrashy stab at Punk while 'Man Fucks Burning Goat' is more stereotypical modern approach at metal. The great track, 'You Can't Fire Me, Because I Quit' is probably the most accessible song on the album and is proof that this band can actually get into the heads of a more traditional style rock and metal band... but it's very apparent that they'll not stay there long. Last track, 'Svart Hav' is some kind of acoustic, Country ode... yet still somehow fits in to the whole album. It shouldn't, but it simply does.


Barren Womb are a band that defy genres and simply do what they like. You'd think that they would be from the South of America (check out that great cover) but the bleak Norwegian skyline and darkness must surely have been as big an influence as anything else? They really sound like no one else and throughout the whole album the only band I can think of that would be anywhere similar is U.S. band, Pigs.


I've no real idea who would be the fan base for this band so my only advice to everyone reading this would be that they are definitely a band worth checking out. Take a chance, they might just be that band you're missing in your life.


Interesting and never boring, that's for sure.


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