Preacher Stone - 'Uncle Buck's Vittles' (Stone Sermon Records) Print E-mail
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Written by Ross Welford   
Tuesday, 07 December 2010 05:00

Preacher_Stone_Uncle_Buck_VittlesThis lot are so Southern they probably piss Moonshine........

If you like Southern blues tinged with country, songs about the bible and general Dukes Of Hazzard misdemeanours then Preacher Stone are for you. Eleven slabs of half decent stuff including a southern fried version of The Beatles' 'Come Together' on duelling banjos (Ok, I made the banjo bit up).

Not enough on here is worthy or likely to break into the UK market and they're probably already massive in America but then so are Nickelback........


If you like this type of stuff then Preacher Stone will tick all the boxes you want them too without insult or injury.

Lynryd Skynyrd, Black Stone Cherry and Brother Clyde already have a song each on my iPod. Haven't I done my bit already??

What do you mean "Drop them pants and squeal like a little piggy"?