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Written by Johnny H   
Monday, 06 December 2010 05:00

CapricornIf it hadn't been for me being such a merch whore at a recent Monster Magnet show then we really wouldn't have known about this two track 7" getting a release.  I mean it was so low key I had to get in touch with one of the band members before I could review it, just in case it was a bootleg.  Thankfully then this is an official release and thankfully it is also fucking excellent.


Capricorn is the realisation of a Motörhead fixation that Todd Youth (guitars and bass) and Phil Caivano (vocals, guitars and bass) have had for a very long time, and here on this 7 " double dose of fucked up Rock 'n' Roll they are ably assisted by none other than Karl Rosqvist on drums.


With the project originally mooted to feature not only Corey Parks on bass but also Phil "Philty Animal" Taylor on drums, we must simply content ourselves with the fact that we are actually finally getting to hear these songs rather than think of what might have been...and damn it if they haven't gone and pressed them up on lovely heavy weight black vinyl as well...Nice.


Both of the tracks featured here 'American Dream' and 'Nothin For Nothin' sound musically like they could have been long lost outtakes from 'Overkill' or 'Bomber' with Phil spitting out a vocal that Lemmy himself might be capable of if he were from New York and not in fact Stoke on Trent.


The biggest surprise within this superb 7" package is the download card that each copy contains that allows you to grab the aforementioned tracks along with a bonus track entitled 'Boy From Nowhere' on MP3.  This 'hidden' track is a rip-roaring double bass drum companion piece to the more sharpshooting approach of the other tracks making this an almost perfect E.P. experience.


At just under ten minutes in length your music collection demands you give it a vinyl injection of Capricorn right now.  Click on the One Voice link below to snap up your copy and love it like a reptile.