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Written by Darrel Sutton   
Thursday, 16 December 2010 05:00

Boss_KelloidWhat better way to celebrate winter in North West England than with some seriously harsh noise, as Warrington's Boss Keloid unleash seven songs of bone shuddering heaviness to shatter your frozen extremities. Coming across as a Helmet/Crowbar hybrid with El Duce singing for them this self-released EP is a very enjoyable, if a little different, release. They also have a penchant for weird song titles, which would match Dillinger Four. But fair play, the music is no joking matter.


Rumbling, driving rhythms are gonna get your head going as 'Reveal The F's' (dedicated to Carol Vorderman, seriously) and 'Spurt Reynolds' (I'll let you work that one out) grab you from behind and gnaw into your brain. The slow-brooding Helmet-fest of 'Coin Snorter' should shake a few teeth loose with its Anselmo-esque vocal delivery. 'Tension R.I.B.' almost skirts into Mastodon territory with its thick-as-treacle riffing and barked vocals and shows that these boys could be the UK's answer to the cataclysmic sounds emanating from America's Southern states at the moment. They chuck in some electronic sound interludes to keep things a little psychedelic in places, but this adds to their appeal quite nicely as it fits with their chest-hollowing heaviness perfectly.


It's hard to think of anyone else doing this style of music in the UK at the moment (certainly not as well as these lot anyway) and the intensity and drive their songs posses should ensure they stay quite a way ahead of the pack for the foreseeable future.