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Written by Gaz E   
Thursday, 16 December 2010 05:30

generationUndead cool London-based noisebringers Generation Graveyard have impressed me before I even get the chance to push play on my stereo to finally listen to this debut three-track EP that I have been, seriously, chomping at the bit to get my hands on.


Eschewing the usual PR bullshit, the band list the likes of Amen, Cancer Bats, Darkthrone and Dead Boys on their varied list of musical influences and, for once, that seems just about right. The distorted bass that introduces the listener to opening track 'Poison City' certainly possesses the same dirty qualities as the revolving band member door made flesh that was once fronted by Casey Chaos, and the other three names mentioned are certainly evident in the band's arsenal, even if some of their influence may be more confined to the Generation Graveyard ethos and look.


Vocalist Max appears to have been schooled by Warrior Soul's Kory Clarke in both vocal style and attitude and, let's be honest, a finer teacher he could not have found. Second track 'All Hail The Plague', apart from having a title that you, seriously, wish you had thought of first, is a mutated, grimy anthem soured with gang vocals, cool hook and a proper guitar solo, all walled in by a fuzzy, fucked up riff from Hell.


If I was looking for a cool term by which to describe Generation Graveyard then the third and final song does my job for me....and does it way better than I could have done. 'Murder Rock 'N' Roll' is an infected anthem the likes of which we never seem to hear anymore, with a middle section of righteous rifferama that bludgeons you over the head and takes a body part as a souvenir.


People take heed, Generation Graveyard are one of the most exciting bands drawing breath in this country at this moment in time. They appear to be in possession of the complete package - attitude, image and sound - and, while still raw and untamed, they could easily mutate into real fucking contenders.


Bridging a gap between the aforementioned Warrior Soul and Murderdolls, this band are filthy,approved_image_lrg feral and fucking special. Put them on a UK tour with similarly macabre mob The Defiled and cities will burn. Highly recommended.