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Written by Darrel Sutton   
Monday, 20 December 2010 05:00

World_is_Yours_DiscThirty five years into arguably the most illustrious career in rock music what do you say about Motorhead's 21st album 'The World Is Yours'?  Surely it's just another album?  If it was any other band then maybe so but, fuck me it's Motorhead, and that alone sets them aside.  You see, Motorhead have always held a special place in my musical upbringing.  Seeing them on the 'Iron Fist' tour as a wide-eyed thirteen year-old changed my attitude to music forever.  By that point I was on my fourth album of theirs and if in my eyes the sun didn't already shine out of their arses, after that night in Bristol there was no doubt whatsoever.


It's fair to say if you're into Motorhead you're into them for life, and when you look at how consistently they've turned out excellent albums over the years, while lesser bands and their supposed peers have fallen tamely by the wayside, you're pretty well rewarded for the loyalty you afford them.


Anyway, enough of the dewy-eyed nostalgic bullshit and on to the actual review.  The actual official release of the album isn't until 17th January 2011 but Classic Rock magazine have managed to get together an exclusive advance release of the album, in much the same vein as Slash's album earlier this year. They've packaged it with a special release of the magazine, which features some damn good articles about both the album and various facets of the bands history.  It also includes a poster for the album and a pin badge, and the disc itself comes in a rather natty hardback digipack.  Definitely worth the few extra quid if you're planning on getting the album anyway, and why wouldn't you?  Oh yeah... because it's a damn good album!


The first thing that strikes you on initial spins of the album is that, despite this being the fourth successive album to be produced by Cameron Webb, this a much more of a rock 'n' roll album than it's predecessors.  'Born To Lose' feels like it could be on 'Overkill' had that album been released today, having the same kind of groove that 'I'll Be Your Sister' or 'Stay Clean' had.  'I Know How To Die' ups the ante a touch with a dirty-as-a-Guinness-shit riff and is propelled by The-World-Is-Yours_Magthe ever-driving Kilminster bass.  It's also the bearer of the first of many shit-hot Phil Campbell solos.  I mean, fair play, in the last ten years has anyone turned in so many A1 performances for such little recognition?  The album's first single 'Get Back In Line' is next up and its lyrics show Lemmy's cynical view of the fucked-up world we live in show no signs of being toned down any time soon.  'Devil's In My Head' tells of Lemmy's insatiable desire to keep the candle burning at both ends and is a nice little slow-burner.  'Rock 'n' Roll Music' needs no description does it?  'Waiting For The Snake' has a bottom end rumble that belongs way back in the days of the band's beginnings and has a real retro feel to it.  Then we have something which, and I'm don't think I'm being unfair here, Motorhead haven't pulled off for a good few albums.  A truly stunning song.  This isn't meant to be demeaning to any of their recent output, but whilst those albums have been damn good, none of them have had a truly stand-out song you could nail down as a future classic (with the possible exception of 'Sword Of Glory' from 'Kiss Of Death', but then that's my opinion).  'Brotherhood Of Man' will hit you like the first time you heard 'Orgasmatron', and if you had to draw comparisons it's that classic it resembles most closely in style.  Brooding with a menace that usually get's people life sentences, and boasting some truly chilling lyrics it really is the ultimate nightmare manifested in music.  A genuine classic to be.  Hot on its heels is 'Outlaw' which is a welcome up-tempo adrenalin shot after the claustrophobia preceding it. Whilst 'I Know What You Need' and 'Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye' end the album in fine style, the latter in particular having a 'Going To Brazil' kind of zip to it.


And so there we have it. Twenty one down and who knows how many to go. Bearing in mind not one of those twenty one can genuinely be classed as a duffer (OK, I'm exaggerating there, 'On Parole' was poo) you're not gonna care how long they keep going as long as the quality remains high.  I'm not gonna go all stupid and claim this as anything special but in the general scheme of things even a good Motorhead album will piss over 90% of the competition.  And this is a fair bit more than that.