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Written by Nev Brooks   
Monday, 05 December 2016 03:00

John MondaySince hearing these guys for the first time in a tiny venue I've gotten to know the guys a bit, even reviewed their first EP on the hallowed pages of Uber Rock and then appearing in my inbox, I get this little beauty!!! Boy have the guys moved things up a gear since that first listen.


Opener, ‘Heart Trail’ has everything you want in a track, driving guitar from the staccato opening to the chunk riff that drives the track, storming vocal performance and a bit of a trademark vocal harmonies to die for.


Next up, ‘Donna’ has a gorgeous sixties style rock and roll guitar intro, and it's here that you begin to see influences come through, at times 60s British R&B at times 70s California surf a la The Beach Boys, but it's given a real kick, an upgrade for modern times; if I had to draw a comparison the guitar hints at The Radio Nasties with maybe a bit of The Stray Cats in there.


Third track in, ‘Got It All’ takes it in a different direction that staccato guitar chopping and changing with the vocal lines, nice stuff before those harmonies come to the fore, and a cracking distorted guitar solo takes over. ‘She's At My House’ I remember lifting the rafters in the Dolls House: insistent, driving, in your face, staccato guitar hinting always at lift off, counterbalanced dual vocals rather than harmonies, before a gorgeous solo cuts in.



The guitar leads us in a real rock and roll intro to ‘Party Anthem Number 2’: it takes a number of twists and turns before the music pulls you in to the guitar and for once the drums lead the vocal, before building to a creative climax. Post-orgasm and we're into 'Memories, a real 60s vibe underpinning the plaintive vocals lulling you into drifting along with the vocals, maybe even a hint of jazz leading the drums, the guitar filling the space behind the vocal.


Rock and roll for a different generation: both classic and new, take a blueprint, rip it up, add some flair  and you have John Monday, you get a chance to see these guys don't miss one to watch.