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Written by Jason Palmer   
Monday, 05 December 2016 03:30

Andy Bennett - Cover ArtUnlike most of the other scribes at Uber Rock, Iam not a fan of the metal genre: it just doesn't do it for me! So, when I asked anything other than metal, this what URHQ sent me...


Who’s Andy Bennett? Well, the PR blurb informs that that he has been a gigging musician for some years and most notably played with Ocean Colour Scene from 2004 – 2015. Now this multi-instrumented individual is flying solo.


Ok, what we have here is, to me, reminiscent of 70s to mid-80s Adult Orientated Rock (thats AOR to us lot) - and for some that would be great: but, for me, it’s a little bit bland. You get a collection of ten songs, including a reworking of OCS ‘Old Pair Of Jeans’.


So up first is ‘Hole In The Road’: a nice gentle opener which reminds me of various things, some good, some bad, and very 70s. This is followed by ‘Drift Away’: more uplifting and a more 70s feel about it. But, in my opinion, no song which contains whistling is good - apart from ‘Patience’ by GnR.(go on think of another). Then we get ‘Fool No More’, which is more rocky with hint of rockabilly guitar, but again there nothing special here, followed by ‘Baby Blue’, which is bland and inoffensive. Then the OCS “cover”, ‘Old Pair Of Jeans’: this is more of the same with added piano and so and so forth…


The slightly Bowie-esque ‘Delusional Faith’ is my favourite track on the album. Overall, I’m not saying this is a bad album, by any means, but it just didn't do it for me.