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Written by Dave Prince   
Monday, 12 December 2016 06:30

Ryan Hamilton Devil artworkPicture the scene:  it's summer 2015 and you hear an album that reignites your passion for power pop goodness.  Fast forward to a year later and the originator of the aforementioned album is back with a new/yet old band (basically The Traitors, made up of Ryan's UK-based solo band, with Rob Lane and Mickey Richards supplying the rock solid beat). They hot foot it to Scotland to record the very same long player that I'm reviewing here… which comes complete with an appearance from none other than Ginger Wildheart himself!


Mr Hamilton and his trusty bunch of traitors have recorded another batch of glorious pop rock songs that wouldn't sound out of place on classic rock station, country or a chart station. These songs defy catergorisation. The only term that can be rightly applied is great music.


Coming across like a down-with-the-kids version of Tom Petty, 'Smarter' is the glorious opener that struts along like the bastard offspring of Petty and the Honky Tonk Man! The one thing that I love about Ryan is that there is no pretence in his music - it is refreshing to just listen to the music and get lost in it. Which is one of the things I loved about ‘Hell of a Day’. 


A lot of people will be interested in this new release thanks to the connection with Ginger, however not taking anything from the Wildheart, this is more about the music than any one individual - although Ginger's inclusion does give the music a different style, which is helped by an amazing production courtesy of Dave Draper.


The funny thing about this album is that, when I first put it on I was on my way to a funeral, and I listened to it again afterwards. The music took me away from the sadness and filled my heart with warmth. Not many singer/songwriters/musicians can do that. But then the band have outdone themselves here. 


To pick a standout song is so hard, as it constantly changes but one song I come back to is the majestic ‘Cheaters Never Change’, with its heartfelt Petty-esque melody. Truly sublime. 


Music that takes you out of the rut you may find yourself in is truly magical and that is exactly what The Traitors and Ryan have achieved here.