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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 15 December 2016 06:00

UXB031 Witchdoktors Voodoo Eye CD Front Cover Bomber MusicAs the year comes to a screaming halt, it seems fair to end my year with a big fat glunk rock full stop courtesy of Witchdoktors.  


'Voodoo Eyes' kicks off with the rousing 'No Pain No Gain' as the big fat guitars ring out their crunching chords the gunfire rhythm dances its thang before the vocals get hollered out and the guitar solo slays: but it’s what you want and expect - and boy do they deliver.


A rock and roll dozen (that's 13 in layman's terms) kick up a merry shit storm from top to bottom and start to finish. 'High Society' is cocky with one of those late night party chorus'.  I particularly like 'Tom's White Shoes' because that saxophone is filthy - honking its thang all over the place as the band just stay in the legal line of reckless and boy I bet Toms shoes are cool as fuck - and very white - well done Tom!


Hey I even dig 'Double Down' without any words, not something I thought I'd be saying as instrumentals just ain't my bag but this is exceptional. It's like a party in your speakers - old school like - with a house band that is just on fire! 'New Set Of Wheels' is killer whilst 'Tie Me Up' is sumptuous.  If I had 'Voodoo Eyes', I'd be praying they were googly fuckers because they had been hypnotised by these here Witchdoktors and their devil may care rock n roll.


To be fair, it’s no easy feat keeping the momentum up for a full thirteen songs but these cats nail it big style and to finish on 'Walk The Talk' is perfect as they bow out with swagger and some distorted harmonica. 


Merry Christmas Uber Rockers shove this in yer missus’ stocking: she might not thank you straight away but you'll get over it when you slip this in the record machine and turn those speakers up!