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Written by Nev Brooks   
Friday, 16 December 2016 04:40

Valensole coverFormed this year and coming at you from Southampton, Valensole have a strong DIY ethic. The band crafted and recorded their forthcoming debut EP, Where We Should Be, at their very own music space.




Opener ‘Staple Waster’ reminds me of so much classic raw music with attitude, pitching the proto-type stooges, the Mc5 against any number of the punk/grunge crossovers, nailing you to the wall. Hinting at the Gits, leaning towards Nirvana circa Bleach days but ultimately delivering something new if you like either of the bands mentioned prior or veer more towards the Cyanide Pills style of Punk we all love, you will love this baby that's over way to soon.


Next up ‘Don't Follow Me’ tears out of the speakers demanding to be heard like the snotty brat it sets out to be, full of sneer and attitude, this is a seriously powerful track and probably sits as my fave on a way to short ep.  Boy, can I not wait for the first long player?


‘Believe’ slows things down but it's at times nasty, aggressive, edgy and superb all in turns; this definitely has that early Nirvana feel a la ‘Floyd The Barber but upgraded still holding on to that DIY ethic.


‘Where We Should Be’ again hits that nasty edgy vibe, but reminds me of something a bit closer to home Reggie Satanas and the Dim Panicos, the vocal's sound so much like Spence!!!



And then it's over way to soon: last up, ‘Inside out’ has me leaping around the room driven by the guitar, this is drenched in attitude, exactly as music should be.


This is tagged as Punk, but it would be really unwise to label it, this is classic music in the making, let it go across the genres.


‘Where We Should Be’ is released on 3 March 2017.


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